Friday, August 21, 2009

Tastes like . . . Orange Julius

I loved Orange Julius as a child. My aunt would take me to the mall in Fairmont and get me one of those frothy, creamy, orangey things and I would slurp it down fast--no making it last for me.

Don't know how good they were/are for you but I stumbled across something mighty tasty, mighty similar when I was throwing things in my Vita-Mix earlier this summer. It's now my very favorite smoothie recipe. I like to think it's healthy too. Here's what you do:

Diane's Dreamsicle Delight

the zest of 1 orange (preferably organic)
that very same orange, after you peel it
1 banana
1 mango (or 2 peaches)
1/2 c. milk (cow or otherwise)
1/2 c. vanilla kefir (or low fat vanilla yogurt)
1/8 c. coconut cream
1 T. flaxseed, ground
4-6 ice cubes

Throw all this in your Vita-Mix or blender and whir 'til smooth. Should serve about 4 people unless you hog it all to yourself:)

Note: You can also sneak some psyllium (aka fiber) powder in here if you or your loved ones needs it:O

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Duke said...

That sounds so good!


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