Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I DIDN'T KNOW ..........

I didn't know:

-I wanted/liked/loved kids 'til I had 'em.
-I wanted/liked rabbits 'til we rescued one and she had 7.
-I didn't really like working (a "real job") 'til I decided to be
the one that saw my baby(ies)' first steps.
-being a Christ follower would be fun, cool, exciting 'til
I said, "Pick me please" and He said, "I already did like,
a lonnnnngggg time ago."
-I loved to play softball 'til I had to play so my husband's
co-ed team wouldn't have to forfeit a game.
-I loved to dance 'til I discovered Zumba.
-I loved being on stage 'til I became a storyteller.
-My favorite color 'til I got "shrunk."
-Doctors couldn't fix everything 'til 10 years ago.
-Meek and humble weren't "bad words" 'til I tried 'em.

What don't you know?

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