Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Woman in Red--Part II

At the well, Eunice clutched Ada’s forearm. Leaned in. “You shouldn’t give that woman provisions.”
            Ada turned slowly. Lifted the old woman’s hand. Let it fall.
           “What woman do you speak of?”
            The older woman huffed. “The woman with the issue, of course. She fancied your Dan at one time. And he her.”
            Ada reached for the rope. “It’s been years. I don’t worry for my husband’s affections.”
            “But she still has a fine form and a lovely face. Creamy skin as opposed to our brown.”
            Ada wrapped the rope around her palm twice. Laughed. “And you know a man who would dare touch her?”
            The old woman’s face clamped in on itself. “Passion can turn a man a fool.”
            Ada grunted as she brought up the bucket. “I will continue to assist the woman with the issue as I believe she would me if I were in need. She is my neighbor. Yours too.” She filled the woman’s water vessel. “You would do well to abide by the scriptures, Mother.”
            Eunice snorted. “And you would be wise to protect what is yours, daughter. What Yahweh has given you.”
            Ada perched the bucket on her hip. “I prefer to hold my gifts in an open hand not a fist, Mother. How can God give me more if my hand is closed?”
            The old woman shook her head. Filled and emptied her cheeks of air.
            “You’re just like your father.”
            Ada smiled at the clouds. “Thank you, Mother,” she said as the woman turned to go. “Don’t be late for supper.”

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Tony said...

these are so exciting!!!


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