Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A Love Hate Friendship

For the longest time I loved you. And hated you. Actually, it was more of an envy. ‘Cause day in and day out boys liked me but wanted you. Week after week I was cute but you were hot. Back then I was pretty sure cute was a four letter word.
            Things were different today. In court. When you were trying to get permanent custody of your granddarlings. You wore a black suit with a pink top and you’d twisted your waist-length hair into a complicated figure eight. You peered at the judge over your Target reading glasses. Not a stitch of makeup on.
            That morning I’d slipped into my all-green Ann Taylor outfit hoping it would make my eyes seem aqua and communicate this-chick-has-her-act-together. I styled my hair Jennifer Aniston straight. Sprayed it with Aveda gloss drops and everything. I primed my lips then slicked them with stay-the-day lipgloss in L’il Red Corvette. Tucked the tube in my sparkly clutch for touchups. 'Cause you never know who's looking when.
            When you introduced me to your lawyer, I got the feeling he thought I was pretty. Maybe even hot. I saw him inspect my hands, probably checking for a wedding ring. Man, I tell you what. That guy sure knows how to jack his jaws. Don't know if he's always like that or if he was just trying to impress the judge. Or me.
            I giggled behind my hand every time the just-the-facts lady judge said, "Get to the point, counselor." 
            Even though I thought your attorney exceedingly long-winded, I liked it afterwards when he said my testimony on your behalf was like a verbal hug. That wasn't what I'd prayed for. It was better.
            The coolest thing was when Judge Just-the-Facts asked me how long I'd known you. I swept my shiny hair behind my shoulders and said, "Forty years, ma'am."
            I almost missed her awarding you physical and legal custody of your twin granddaughters. I was still focused on those forty years. And how some things change like hating you and some things stay the same like loving you.


writingdianet said...

I am super excited. I am participating, for the first time ever, in a linked-in thingy over at www.writeonedge.com. The topic today is FRIENDSHIP.

This post might be vaguely familiar to you. It ran a year or two ago in a longer form, under the title The Purple People Eaters. I nipped and tucked it in order to come in under the 400 word count wire. I hope you like it.

Thanks so much for stopping by. And remember, if you like me, my stories, you can always have me and them in your email box:) Just type your email address in the subscribe box over on the right. See it? I'm pretty sure it's calling your name:)

angela said...

Thank you so much for participating in the Write on Edge prompt this week.

Forty years is a long time for a friendship to endure. I love how you explored the beginning of the friendship, when your negative feelings were rooted in the sort of enby that comes from not yet being comfortable in your own skin. Then the transformation into two adult women, confident and strong for each other. I am so glad things worked out for your friend.


This was so real I was there. Loved it. For a second, I thought this must be real then I realized it was fiction.
Very good. Of course I was rooting for her to land the lawyer!
Blessings, ever the romantic!

Kir said...

So glad to have you participating in WOE. The writers here are second to none.

This was so good and so honest. I am a "cute" girl. I always have been. Not pretty, not hot, not beautiful but cute. I had lots of girlfriends who are those things and it's hard....but the friends that have stuck around and been my friend "forever" I get this feeling..the love/hate/what would I be without YOu friend.

NC Narrator said...

I loved this! And I totally related - I was always the "good friend" who ended up being one of the guys somehow. Cute is definitely a four letter word!

Betsy said...

I love this story! The beginning took me right back to a friendship I had as a child... she was so beautiful and petite it was infuriating! But she was also very kind, which made it impossible to be mad at her for long.

christina said...

great story. really great. i love all the details in your appearances.

Sara said...

YOU DID IT! I loved the story. Your descriptions are so GOOD. You make me see your characters as they were standing in front of me.

I loved the words, "jack his jaws." I hadn't heard of this before, but you explained very clearly.

The last line was so true.

Well done:~)

writingdianet said...

Saraaaaaaaaaaaaa!! Thank you soo much for turning me on to WOE (bummer that its acronym is a sad word).

Everybody else, it's National Hot Chocolate Day. Everyone come to my house. I have peppermint smushmellows. And it's 60 degrees here. We can drink it outside and see if any crocuses got psyched into thinking it's spring already.

Yeah, so this is one of my favorite things ever as a writer. Who needs to write a book? Let's just do this:)

Pish Posh said...

Ooh I need to get some Aveda gloss drops!

I love the way we all think our suits and our looks say "this chick has it together" - I hope it does say that! :)

Right now my outfit says "this chick is working from home today.." haha

TMW Hickman said...

Forty years would certainly qualify as awesome in marriage. Why not in a friendship? For better and worse, friends get us through! I loved your juxtaposition of the two of you at the beginning and in the present.

Katie @ Chicken Noodle Gravy said...

That last line was killer! I loved it. So glad you joined us over at WOE. It's a wonderful and supportive community; you're going to love it.

I look forward to reading more from you!

Debbie said...

Beautiful job of describing the metamorphosis of friendship. How it begins, grows, changes and sticks. You are very lucky and so is your friend to have each other.

Julie Farrar said...

I loved the specificity of your descriptions and the pace of this piece. Good job.

gretchen said...

Okay, tears in my eyes. I loved this!

writingdianet said...

You W.O.E. people are soooo awesome! I love how encouraging everyone is!

Write on, right?


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