Monday, October 31, 2011

Nightmare at the Middle School

Dear Journal:
Today is November 1st. Yesterday was the craziest and scariest night of my life. Oh, yeah. I’m in the hospital with a broken rib. But anyway, last night I went trick-or-treating with Noah, Chase, Frank, and Ethan. Ethan and I were Ninjas. Noah was a Spartan. Frank was a devil, and Chase was an Aztec Warrior.
          After we went trick-or-treating, we came back to my house and had a monster movie marathon. At about 11:30 pm, Jack K. called and told me that there were real monsters inside South Middle School. He was freaking out so, still in our costumes, the gang and I ran to South. When we got there Jack and about 20 other people were outside saying what Jack had said—that there were two monsters, a Hydra and a Lizard Beast, inside.
          Andrew J. said that he saw two kids, one dressed as a Lizard Beast and the other as a Hydra, go in South and once they were inside, they turned into what they dressed up as. Since the gang and I had stayed in our costumes we decided that we should fight the monsters in South.
          We walked toward the school and when we were through the second set of double doors there was a flash. Once it faded my senses were sharper. My fake sword had turned real. I was faster, stronger, and more agile. I looked around and saw that the same thing had happened to the rest of the guys. Since there were two monsters, we decided to split into two groups—Chase, Frank, and me in the first group and Noah and Ethan in the second.
           Noah and Ethan covered the third floor since it is the smallest and Chase, Frank, and I took the first and second since there were three of us. Then Chase, Frank, and I decided to split up. Chase searched the band room, Frank looked in the auditorium, and I went to check the gym. I was about to open the gym door when I heard a spine-chilling roar behind me.
          I turned around and saw the Lizard Beast. He was eight feet tall and had ten eyes. I could tell by his muscles that he was supernaturally strong. He also had green scales that glistened in the moonlight. The worst part was the way he laughed like a lunatic.

           I tried to yell for help but I couldn’t. Instead of trying to fathom why my voice wouldn’t work, I charged at the monster with my sword drawn. I was much faster than that scaly monstrosity but it was way stronger. I managed to slash its arm but he almost killed me right after because I was dazed by his blue blood. Since he was injured I pressed my attack harder and managed to give him two more slashes on his arms and I stabbed him in the leg once. I was covered in his midnight blue blood but I kept fighting. Finally after ten straight minutes of dueling, I drove my sword through his heart and he collapsed, dead.
          With the Lizard Beast Dead and the Hydra still missing, I went to look for the other guys. There was another roar. This one was much louder than that of the Lizard Beast. It came from the cafeteria so I sprinted there only to find the Hydra.

          The Hydra was ten feet tall with six-inch razor sharp claws and teeth. The scariest part was that it had three heads. Noah, Ethan, Chase, and Frank were all fighting it, but right when I got there, the monster slashed Ethan’s leg and Frank had to drag him out of the way. Since only Chase and Noah were fighting it, I stepped in and managed to stab it in the side, but then it punched me in the ribs and I flew across the cafeteria.
          I crashed into the wall and red stars flashed in front of my eyes. I knew by the pain that my rib was broken. The Hydra closed in to finish the job. It was right above me about to slash when two spears prodded from its chest and it dropped dead right beside me.
          And that is how Chase and Noah saved my life and I broke a bone for the first time. It is also why Halloween 2011 will always be the most horrifying night of my life.             


writingdianet said...

Today's bonus post is by my sixth grade son, Tre. What do you think?

Sara said...

This is wonderful:~) In the beginning, I was thinking you actually had broken a rib and wondering how. Then, the story took a different turn from the normal "this is what I did on Halloween." I loved every word.

You are a great story-teller. I bet your kids love this about you. I know I do! Although, I'm imagine if we were sitting around a campfire on a dark night, your stories might scare the living daylights out of me:~)

p.s. thanks for your sweet comment about the loss of my dog, Ms. Dix.

writingdianet said...

Hey Sara:
I'll pass your comments on to my son as he is the one who wrote this story, not me. He was so tickled when I told him I was putting it on my blog. Glad you enjoyed it:)

Tony said...

awesome story Tre! I really liked it. Way to take care of business!!


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